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•Numbed RX•

relieves pain

-Your Permanent Pain Free Solution

•Permanent Make-up •Tattoos •Piercings •Body Modifications •Laser •Waxing & Much More

NumbedRX Pro Team

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Why NumbedRX? 

1. Will Not Restrict your client Arteries.

2. Will Not Burn when applying to skin.

3. Will Not Turn the skin like Rubber.

4. Will Not Turn your client skin White.

5. Will Not Interfere using with/or without Saniderm™ for healing.


6. Put a few drops of NumbedRX on top of your colored ink(s) or use it to cut your black & grey with to numb your client.


7. No more wasting time applying other products on your client for 30-40 minutes that just don't work!


8. Made with Natural Ingredients!

9. Vegan Friendly!

10. Oil base to help condition the skin from paper towel wiping!


11. Promotes Faster Healing!

12. Promotes longer sit time!

13. Only 4% Lidocaine, Thats It! 

14. Use from start or as needed. 


15. EASY TO USE, Just squeeze out enough to moisten the paper towel. As you open the skin, Wipe in NumbedRX to wipe excess ink & numb the area! ​​


 Works Really Good. Very impressed. Nice to finally have a numbing product that actually works. Thanks guys!

Chris Wilson / Tattoo Artist, CA

Awesome! I use this as my wipe instead of water and it made a huge difference! My clients are able to sit through their session! I was able to get through what I wanted to without them wiggling or squirming. They were way more comfortable and relaxed. I’ve also used it as a cutting solution with it as a wipe. I’m in love!!!!! Highly recommend it!!!!

Lyrin Bailey / Tattoo Artist, NY

Keeps my ink from drying up and helps the ink saturate into the eyebrows grooves. That stuff has helped a lot, much less complaining than a topical alone and much less redness on 3 clients than with other products I’ve used.

@poshbrows00 / Permanent Makeup Artist, PA

Hey boss your were at my shop Club23 tattoos and u sold me and my buddy 2 bottles of the tattooRx, I used it and it Works Great, Will make it part of my daily tattoo routine!!! 

@TommyBoyFame / Tattoo Artist, NJ

The product is Amazing bro I tried today on my client from the NBA it got him through the tough part of the session.

Thanks again dude!!!

@InkManB / Tattoo Artist, NJ

So, I use it all weekend at the Gettysburg show. It was a big hit and Worked Great!!!! I’ll be placing an order this week

my friend.

@TonyDeVilleTattoo / Tattoo Artist, MD

Available in 8oz. / 2oz. Bottles 



Order today & Experience the difference with NumbedRX 


-Put a few drops of NumbedRX on top of your colored ink(s) or use it to cut your black & grey with to numb your client.

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